Successful two-photon vision experiments with our tunable femtosecond laser

On March 11-12 Dorota Stachowiak and Dorota Tomaszewska visited the International Center for Translational Eye Research (ICTER) and performed preliminary experiments with two-photon vision in human eye using our newly developed, broadly tunable (850 - 1050 nm) femtosecond laser.

The new laser source was developed within the extension of the First TEAM project (new task in cooperation with Prof. Maciej Wojtkowski). The laboratory prototype was transported to Warsaw and integrated with a microscope for two-photon vision investigation in human eye. The preliminary experiments were very successful - we have confirmed the possibility of two-photon vision excitation in a broad range of wavelengths.

The future experiments will be focused on the optimization of the laser source (extending the tunability, increasing the power) and integration of the laser with a scanning laser opthalmoscope (SLO) for two-photon microperimetry of human eye.

Photo: Dorota Tomaszewska (left), Dorota Stachowiak (middle), Jakub Bogusławski (right)

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