New publication in Optics Express!

Our paper entitled: "All-normal dispersion supercontinuum vs frequency-shifted solitons pumped at 1560 nm as seed sources for thulium-doped fiber amplifiers" will be published in the upcoming issue of Optics Express.

We present a direct comparison between two types of femtosecond 2 µm sources used for seeding of an ultrafast thulium-doped fiber amplifier based on all-normal dispersion supercontinuum and soliton self-frequency shift. The results revealed that the solitons show comparable performance to supercontinuum in terms of relative intensity noise and shot-to-shot stability, despite the anomalous dispersion regime. Both sources can be successfully used as seeds for Tm-doped fiber amplifiers as an alternative to Tm-doped oscillators. The results show that the sign of chromatic dispersion of the fiber is not crucial for obtaining a stable, high-quality, and low-noise spectral conversion process when pumped with sub-50 fs laser pulses.

The paper can be downloaded from OSA Publishing (open access) 

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