New preprint on a dispersion-managed femtosecond fiber laser

Our new preprint on a dispersion-managed, ultrafast Erbium-doped fiber laser based on NALM mode-locking was just posted on arXiv.

There have been many works on nonlinear loop mirror-based mode-locked fiber lasers (NALM/NOLM). Recently, a great interest is focused on so called Figure-9 configuration, in which the laser contains an additional non-reciprocal phase shifter, ensuring stable and self-starting mode-locking. Such lasers have intrinsically two output ports. There have been comprehensive studies on mode-locking dynamics in such lasers (e.g. Nishizawa et al.), but nobody ever measured the spectral and temporal phase of the pulses generated at both outputs, as a function of the cavity net dispersion. In our study, we measured the FROG traces at both outputs at several net dispersion settings (covering the three fundamental mode-locking regimes: soliton, stretched-pulse, and dissipative soliton). We found that one of the outputs provides significantly better pulse quality in terms of phase. Nonetheless, at near-zero net cavity, unchirped sub-80 fs pulses can be generated directly from the cavity at both outputs. We believe that comprehensive spectral and temporal characterization, including phase analysis of the presented pulsed source, broadens the knowledge on the operation of ultrafast lasers using NALM as a saturable absorber.

To access the manuscript follow the link:

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