New invited paper

Our recent article on fiber-based optical frequency comb at 3.3 µm wavelength for broadband spectroscopy of hydrocarbons was published in Chinese Optics Letters journal (as invited paper), and is now available online!

In this work, we presented a compact fiber-based frequency comb source in the mid-infrared wavelength region. The source is based on difference frequency generation from a polarization-maintaining Er-doped fiber pump laser and covers a spectrum between 2900 cm−1 and 3400 cm−1 with a simultaneous bandwidth of 170 cm−1 and an average output power up to 70 mW. The source is equipped with actuators and active feedback loops, ensuring long-term stability of the repetition rate, output power, and spectral envelope. An absorption spectrum of ethane and methane was measured using a Fourier transform spectrometer to verify the applicability of the mid-infrared comb to multispecies detection. The robustness and good long- and short-term stability of the source make it suitable for optical frequency comb spectroscopy of hydrocarbons.

The paper is available online (open access):

It can be also downloaded from the OSA Publishing database:

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